American Dental Education Association
655 K St NW #800, Washington, DC 20001, United States
Rating: 3.5
Rated count: 4

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By Sxdsqc

4 thoughts on “American Dental Education Association”
  1. The ADEA goDental failed to submit my application. Due to their oversight, I have to reapply for Fall 2018. The ADEA erred with the mishandling of my application & failing to properly notify me of the mistake. I found out my applications were not received when I called the prospective schools to check on my application status. I wish a negative star rating was possible.

  2. ADEA is a great organization that supports dental education across the U.S. They have great staff that were very welcoming to me as I met with them and toured their headquarters.

  3. Pleasant work space; looks of light and windows. The worst thing was this door everyone used which separated the exits and restrooms from our workspaces. Instead of being glass, it was heavy metal – which meant it was often opened suddenly into the face of someone coming the other way. Lots of close calls.

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