American Dental Systems GmbH
Gewerbegebiet Vaterstetten an der Baldhamer Straße, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Straße 42, 85591 Vaterstetten, Germany
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “American Dental Systems GmbH”
  1. Very disappointed of the after service care. I have purchased a zumax microscope with an iPhone connector. Everything went smoothly for the sale but once the microscope installed they don’t do any effort to fix the problems. I have contacted Sabine and Fabian several times for help. They said they will get back to me but never did. Very very very disappointed.

  2. I bought a pair of magnifying glasses with wireless light on the IDS. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this product or the service. The batteries in the magnifying glasses had problems right from the start. The light constantly went on and off uncontrollably when there was movement and the batteries only lasted for a very short time instead of 5 hours. After I sent them back, the batteries were repaired and sent back to me. Now after a year the same problem again. What is shocking, however, is that this time before I sent the magnifying glasses back, I was not informed that the batteries were no longer under warranty and that repairing the batteries would cost 320 euros. I also received this information weeks later, only after I had to ask a few times where my magnifying glasses were. Once I was incorrectly informed that it had been sent back to me. Then, after asking again, they said it was still there, but I had to agree to a cost estimate of 320 euros for the repair and 30 euros for the unrepaired one. Now, when I asked that I didn’t want a repair, I was forced to give a cost estimate of 250 euros so that the magnifying glasses could be sent back to me. I have never experienced such unaccommodating and such appalling service. I would advise against anyone buying the EOS WIRELESS LED (magnifying light without cable) due to the poor quality of the battery. What I find even more appalling is the unprofessionalism and poor service from Amercan Dental Systems!

  3. very friendly sales…problem solving catastrophe!!!
    A malfunctioning lamp for a lot of money that is unusable because of wrong advice. No one is responsible and you are portrayed as if you imagined the malfunction!
    Super unfriendly repair department

  4. Here you can find high-end dental products and always get competent advice and customer service.

    Products and techniques for the dental world can be found at this company in a particularly high quality and variety.

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