American Dentist In Prague
Pštrossova 1923, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia
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5 thoughts on “American Dentist In Prague”
  1. I came to Prague for a freestyle frisbee event and the day before the performance I bit into something that broke a filling of my front tooth. In a panic I researched dentists and luckily found Dr Eric Rofoth. I had been struggling with communicating in the language so thought to speak with The American Dentist. I was from Seattle. He was from Seattle. Another good sign. I called and spoke to Alena who was understanding and scheduled me during the doctor’s lunchtime. That is a high standard of helpfulness and I was incredibly thankful.The whole experience was friendly, professional and reassuring and I ended up with a beautiful smile on performance day. Thank you Dr Eric and Alena for restoring my tooth and my self-confidence.
    Your teamwork saved the day.

  2. My son is a UK student in Prague. After an accident he needed emergency dental care. I spoke to staff from London , who were very kind and accommodating.Dr Eric was amazing. He has a wonderful bedside manner, was thorough, explained in detail the issues and how it could be resolved. Dr Eric saved my sons tooth – a big thank you! My son said Dr Eric made going to the dentist a pleasure.

  3. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (10 stars if possible!)

    During a recent trip to Prague, I found myself in an unexpected predicament – a chipped front tooth. Panic ensued, but soon after a quick search, I landed upon America Dentist in Prague. To say that the experience exceeded all my expectations would be an understatement.

    From the get-go, their administrative staff was responsive and prompt. They scheduled me in for an appointment the very next day, a turnaround time I’m immensely grateful for. The moment I stepped into their office, I was greeted with a professional and soothing environment.

    Now, about Dr. Eric Rafoth. His expertise, calm demeanor, and approachability made me feel at ease. Where I had initially dreaded the need for a porcelain crown, he astutely assessed the damage and suggested a filling instead. This not only saved me a considerable amount of money but also showcased his honesty and patient-first approach.

    A special shout-out to Alena Balsonova, the Lead Assistant, for her meticulous support throughout the procedure. Their combined effort restored my tooth to its original glory, with perfection in every detail.

    In jest (but with a hint of seriousness), I now consider flying back from the USA to Prague just for my dental check-ups! Dr. Eric and his team have undoubtedly set a high bar for dental care for me.

    Thank you, America Dentist in Prague. Your dedication and proficiency turned an unfortunate event into a memorable experience. Highly recommended!

  4. I went to Dr Eric for a full smile transformation. I am over the moon with the results.I really had neglected my teeth and He was very understanding and non judgemental and made me feel super at ease. I am Irish, living in Prague so it was important for me to have english speaking dentist. I felt so taken care of and well guided by him. His assistant is lovely also. I had a lot of work done and there was never any stress and he always gave me the best solutions to make my smile as natural as possible and also preserve my own teeth. So long term all the work was as least invasive as possible. I would highly recommend the american dentist and I will continue to visit for any future work I may need. I can’t thank him enough, I have my confidence back and I cant put a price on that. I was very self conscious about my smile before and now I cant stop smiling.

  5. I was completely thrilled with my experience. As thrilled as one can be with a dental emergency.

    I broke two fillings and Dr. Eric offered to come in and see me the next day. On his day off! It was such an easy and comfortable experience for a new American in Prague but I can clearly see how Dr. Eric would make everyone feel the same.

    Im glad I’ve found someone that my wife and I can trust to be thorough, exceed expectations and do so with a friendly demeanor.

    Thanks for the travel tips as well!

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