Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Strenzfelder Allee 28, 06406 Bernburg (Saale), Germany
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Anhalt University of Applied Sciences”
  1. Kindly avoid applying for the international trade (MBA) program at Anhalt. In spite of paying the fee for uni-assist – VPD, and constantly trying to get in touch with them via email, they have failed to provide any updates regarding the application. The staff who were initially responsive for queries regarding the course, turned cold when I began questioning them for updates. To summarize: Waste of time and money. PS: I speak only for this particular course.

  2. The content is really very good, the organization is underground. Different exams on the same day and then not offering a catch-up date so that you have to wait a year so that you can then hear why you would postpone the exams. Internet is occasionally available, otherwise very few things work, from flashing escape route signs to Polylux (yes, they are still used) to the cloud. Lectures often happen at the same time, so you often miss something. GDR flair exists across the entire campus!

  3. Thank you very much to the management and all the staff of this university for their generosity and kindness in welcoming refugees from Ukraine!
    True, we did not expect such a pleasant attitude and care from you. I came here with two small children, they put me in a huge apartment with a kitchen and a toilet, they gave the baby a high chair, a playpen, the older one a bicycle, toys, they constantly help with food, they cook for us in the cafe.
    Thank you for such support and mercy!

  4. One star goes to two competent professors, the rest is outrageous. Organization is a foreign word, study regulations are changed and old modules are no longer offered, even though tens of students still have to take exactly these within the standard period of study! The only answer here is “then just switch to the new study regulations”. So that you then have to take 50% of the courses again. Tax courses are chronically canceled if the professor doesn’t arrive >30 minutes late.

  5. This university is certainly not a dubious shop or anything like that, of course there is always potential for optimization in all layers. As far as friendliness is concerned, it’s more of a day-by-day view of each individual and how things turned out in the forest… . As far as the Internet or WiFi is concerned, the state government needs to work on it and not pass it on to a school. A company with friendly and competent employees ensures safety.

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