AOK PLUS – Filiale Jena
Ludwig-Weimar-Gasse 4, 07743 Jena, Germany
Rating: 4.2
Rated count: 247

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “AOK PLUS – Filiale Jena”
  1. I have been a AOK client since 2010. The personal is fast and listen to your questions and try to solve any issue. Also I had two different emergencies and the AOK covered all without any problem.

    Sadly in 2019, I decided to make an appoiment to check that all was in order since I changed jobs and had a complicated year. I got assured it was all ok. One month later I got a letter telling to pay aprox. 1000 euros, including charging one month back in 2015. It seems they took my questions and me trying to be responsable as an easy chance for making money. Of course the claims from AOK were out of place and I did not have to pay. It feels strange that these letter came right after me checking all and getting green light in their office. SAVE ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS and ask for written confirmations when dealing with any issue with AOK

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