AOK PLUS – Filiale Meiningen
Sachsenstraße 16, 98617 Meiningen, Germany
Rating: 4.5
Rated count: 197

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “AOK PLUS – Filiale Meiningen”
  1. Very special service
    The staff working there are very nice

    The waiting room is warm and very clean with a children’s play area

    The waiting time does not exceed ten minutes

    There are four to five employees to serve at the place

    Working hours on Thursday and Tuesday are longer by a number of hours

    There is wheelchair accessible access

    The waiting room is equipped with furniture that is also suitable for pregnant women

    I’m not sure but I think pets are not allowed in the place…

  2. Somehow it doesn’t work, right??? By emptying the mailbox several times??? If I put something in by midday on Wednesday…!!! It always worked. It was done by Friday. Unfortunately not this time… Was it only processed on Friday??? And there are people who depend on quick processing…

  3. Today I had to go to the AOK branch in Meiningen. I got an appointment at short notice because I lost my insurance card and urgently needed medication. Although there were a few problems, I was helped in a very friendly, non-bureaucratic manner. This is how I imagine customer-friendly help. Many thanks to the employees in Meiningen.

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