Bamboo’s Streetfood
Karl-Heine-Straße 87, 04229 Leipzig, Germany
Rating: 4.8
Rated count: 206

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Bamboo’s Streetfood”
  1. Casual food joint with lot of vegetarian options. Taste is good but we have definitely had much better Vietnamese in Leipzig. Prices are really economical for the quantity. I didn’t find the extremely low seats comfortable and do not know the intention of keeping it like that.

  2. very tasty food! I don’t speak German so I just chose a dish in the combe menu and I tasted very good! Especially the wok vegetable cook with a very similar way as my hometown (Guangzhou), which made me feel like I am coming back home😭😭😭😭

  3. I come here whenever i miss food from home. It is always so delicious and authentic. I surely would recommend you guys the combo, then you can have a taste of the normal daily homemade vietnamese meal which consists of different small dishes. There were in the beginning more options to choose for the combo but it is also good as it is now. Absolutely also recommend their special dish of the day which they serve (depending on which dish) with homemade fermented garlic.

    Staff is always lovely and cheerful and bring food as fast as they can. Takeaway is not optimal but at least they could offer it during the lockdown time.

    Since there is a negative comment down there from a person who probably has not been to Vietnam yet, i must say that the plastic table and chairs are super common there and they are like a part of the cuisine.

  4. Very good food, good price, huge portion, also fast and friendly service! I felt overwhelmed when I tried the food (the combo) as it brought me so strong the feeling like how mommy cooks back in Vietnam. Thank you so much team for making great Vietnamese food while living oversea 😊!

  5. What an absolute gem to find! The little plastic tables and seats looked inviting, the food one one of them looked delicious.
    I ordered braised aubergine with tofu, one of the vegan options (which they have multiple of!), it was heavenly and a perfect portion size to feel full, but not weighed down so you can instantly continue on with your day/adventure.
    Everyone was friendly and welcoming. With my food i got a little salad and some apple slices, which goes to show how much love and thought is going into your 7€ meal.
    Will definitely come here again.

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