| Meerwasser-Shop | Ramon Gebauer
Siedlung 4B, 99189 Gebesee, Germany
Rating: 4.5
Rated count: 437

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “ | Meerwasser-Shop | Ramon Gebauer”
  1. I have bought a skimmer, salt, and few pumps. Very nice prices. Amazing experience. Very fast, safe, economical and accurate shipping to Greece. Will buy again. Highly recommended. Many thanks. A+++

  2. The goods were delivered quickly.
    I’m still a bit skeptical about the goods themselves, but the dealer can’t help it.
    When I asked about my concerns, I was answered immediately and helped.
    Can’t complain about the support.
    Polite and nice.
    Gladly again.

  3. A week ago I sent an email with a PDF revoking the purchase contract. This has remained unanswered to this day. If you try by phone, it rings twice and a computer voice directs you to the email. (Item has flaws/unclean workmanship, Coral Garden can’t help but Reef Factory)

    Luckily the payment was made with Paypal, they now know about it.

    Item has a defect, unclean workmanship and flaws.

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