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By Sxdsqc

One thought on “D.a.s.”
  1. Why you should do D.A.S. needs cannot be answered properly. It’s better to put your money in fixed-term deposit accounts every year so that if necessary. can pay a fine.

    For example, if a defendant consults a lawyer about a traffic offense, you pay the fine and the lawyer. If you go without a lawyer, you pay the fine. Still questions?

    Unfortunately, years of experience have shown that only some lawyers are worth the money. That says it all, as it is either pointless or still too expensive. As a lawyer or court/prosecution office, it is simply stupid to allow the legal costs to skyrocket, as a higher value in dispute arouses the desire of those involved, which in turn drives away legal protection insurance, which tries in every possible way to help the insured person the sticking point.

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