Dental office on Weserbogen
Elmenhorst 29, 32469 Petershagen, Germany
Rating: 4.9
Rated count: 31

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Dental office on Weserbogen”
  1. I am now a patient in this practice for the third generation – a lot has changed over the decades, but the extraordinary friendliness and competence have always remained! Dr. B.Steinbock was a kind, sensitive and good dentist to me in my childhood and youth – although the box with the little toys from which you were allowed to choose something was always the highlight!
    Dr. C.Steinbock also gave me excellent care over many years – there was always time for a laugh and I still miss his cheerful whistling through the practice!
    Meanwhile the 3rd generation with Dr.S.Sreinbock and her husband Dr.S Hartwig is at the start and they top everything again!!! Rating on a scale of 1-10? I say 15+!
    I don’t want to forget to mention that behind all of this there is of course a super team of employees!!
    This practice is worth every recommendation!!!

  2. A very friendly team. Can deal well with children. My children have always enjoyed going and continue to enjoy going. The doctors answer every question and take away your fears if they exist. They are flexible with the appointments and understanding when rescheduling appointments and what I think is particularly good is the appointment reminder. Highly recommended just great ??

  3. Absolutely super satisfied and 100% recommended!
    It’s a great and friendly team.
    Absolutely recommended even for patients with anxiety. The doctor takes time for you, listens to you, doesn’t just process you, the result is great and he also takes time with the aftercare.
    I’ve been to a lot of dentists, but I’ve never been completely satisfied with any of them.

  4. Very great and lovely team. 🙂
    My treatment today with Dr. Hartwig was a dream ? I was afraid of anesthetic injections, so I got an anesthetic GEL instead ? and it was completely painless. I can only recommend!!

    Kind regards, J. Baumbach

  5. For many decades the dental practice of Dr. Christoph Steinbock my first choice. I always felt comfortable there and regret that Mr. Steinbock has now gone into his well-deserved retirement. His daughter has now taken over the practice. I am currently being treated by Dr. Dr. Hartwig. That is – actually! As nice as Mr. Hartwig comes across (we haven’t known each other as patient and treating doctor for a long time), my current treatment also seems to be lengthy. On May 25th, 2023 I went to the practice because a large part of my right back molar had broken away (this had already been built up by Mr. C. Steinbock and what is now missing is certainly a huge filling). So chewing is now extremely difficult. After an assessment by H. Hartwig, we immediately agreed that a crown had to be inserted. According to Mr Hartwig, this would be clarified with the health insurance company very quickly and without any problems, as it was only a metal crown. Completely normal cash register performance. He spoke of fast digital paths. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear anything from the practice for over a week. When I asked, I was told by the registration officer that it would probably take two weeks at the BKK until something was decided. I actually received a call from the dentist’s office after about three weeks. They asked if I would like a metal crown or additional veneer. I also clarified this again in the conversation. Much later, the practice called again and we finally arranged the treatment appointments. First date: 07/03/23! So far no treatment or temporary solution. Chewing became worse and worse. Then today I got the call that the appointment had been canceled – Mr. Hartwig was then indispensable. The first treatment date would now be August 10th, 2023. According to my calculations, that is more than 2 months after the first visit. For me, subjectively, a very long period of time before something happens. This is not a seal or similar small repair work. I’m missing a significant part of the back area to chew on.

    A pity. Unfortunately, I felt like I was in better hands with Mr. Chr. Steinbock.

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