Dental office Pretty Mouth
Nassauer Str. 10, 61440 Oberursel (Taunus), Germany
Rating: 4
Rated count: 33

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Dental office Pretty Mouth”
  1. A kind of place where more appointments and unnecessary x-rays are done for their own commercial interest. Bills of services/ treatments not even done are added for their own commercial interest. Not recommended at all. Treatment may not be satisfactory as well. Highly dissatisfied after several unnecessary appointments and painful tooth related work from their team. Also, medicines are not even recommended incase of any pain. Sadly I can say it’s a complete lack of responsibility from the team. 🙁
    The ambiance and aesthetics are good, but of what use is it?

  2. Service is very poor and unfriendly for the Korean. I had surgery here last time, but nobody care for me at the moment. Specially the service of front desk is worst. That’s why rate ⭐️one star! I just want to share it with you to prevent any of damage in future.

  3. I have been a patient at TaunaDent for several years. I am very satisfied with all the services, the hygiene, the friendliness of the employees and, above all, with the way I, the patient, are treated.

  4. (DE/EN) My 400 euro treatment was completely broken after less than 6 months. / My 400 Euro treatment was completely broken less than 6 months.

  5. I’m honestly amazed at the number of very good reviews. I neither saw the practice as particularly friendly and clean, nor child-friendly. Really very, very, very average in all of these areas. Particular emphasis is placed on dental aesthetics, which is probably represented by the treating doctor. Hollywood aesthetics like plastic teeth from a chewing gum machine. My child was not interacted with. Not at all, it was a mouth. Even after it was pointed out that this was a first presentation in this practice after 1.5 years, the teeth were not commented on. But orthodontic treatment was discussed, with good information. I wasn’t aware that orthodontics was offered there (we are already in contact with a practice elsewhere), I was only interested in dental health, which I found to be very neglected. So my first impression was not what I expected. Since treatment was not necessary, I cannot make any judgment about the relevant expertise. I don’t think we’ve arrived permanently here yet.

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