Dental office Pretty Mouth
Schiersteiner Str. 39, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany
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  1. Do I need to buy a toothbrush for my baby?

    FYI: At first, you may find it easier to clean your baby’s teeth using a piece of clean gauze or muslin. Wrap it around your finger, put a tiny smear of toothpaste on it, and rub it around your baby’s teeth.

    If you’d rather use a baby toothbrush, pick one with soft nylon bristles and a small head. This will allow you to reach all parts of your baby’s mouth easily and comfortably as each new tooth emerges. Look at the packaging to see what age range the brush is designed for.

  2. Treated here as a normal statutory health insurance patient for years.
    Always friendly, competent and attentive in medical treatment.
    I was able to get an appointment quickly in an emergency.
    Always friendly in service. I always felt recognized as a customer.

    I can fully recommend the practice.

  3. My son had an accident on the way back from school and knocked out his tooth. We called the practice and asked if we could come in in an emergency. Yes, that wouldn’t be a problem. When I registered, I told you again what happened. You could also clearly see his swollen lip and bleeding mouth. Still we had to wait almost 1 hour. In the meantime, other patients were called into the treatment rooms for simple checks. At some point I asked when my son could finally be treated. The receptionist then spoke to a doctor in the hallway and asked him if he could treat my son. His answer was: no, I don’t feel like doing that now.
    The end of the story was that after another 15 minutes of waiting, he apparently took pity and treated my son. The receptionist took him for an X-ray while I was supposed to wait in the treatment room and then simply left him standing in the hallway.

    To sum up: we didn’t feel like we were in good hands and we won’t be going here again.

  4. I was there with my son (1.5 years old) and it was consistently positive. We were there straight away, the doctor was very nice and…
    Treatment room especially for children worked out super quickly and without any pressure!

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