Dental office Pretty Mouth
Antoniterstraße 60, 55232 Alzey, Germany
Rating: 3.4
Rated count: 92

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Dental office Pretty Mouth”
  1. Very bad service, I have been in this clinic for several times, and they told me that I have to make thoot cleaning before I start a theet treatment that cost me 80€ each session, after the second cleaning I had an appointment for my treatment and it went ok, as soon as the second appointment was scheduled the doctor cancelled it, I did re-scheduled the appointment and was not able to attend, I did call several times and went there twice and was told that the doctor was going to call me and it never happened, finally I called again and they gave me an appointment after three moths and now I was told that the should start from cero because they would need to perform the cleaning again. This clinic is just a business place offering you to pay what is not needed, they also do with cavities they offer you the basic which is covered by the insurance and some extras that you need to pay by yourself so I do not recommend this place, they only care to get money and not really for the customer.

  2. Very nice dentist assistants and also the dentist Dr. Khalil. I have had very bad experiences in the last few years and unfortunately also some “construction sites” due to bad doctors. Today was my second appointment with Dr. Khalil and I are just thrilled, I finally have no more pain and notice that things are slowly making progress. He works very carefully and pays attention to the patient’s well-being. We recommend! Thanks.

  3. After reading many reviews, I was skeptical about having my teeth done at Dental Alzey, but I said to myself, form your own opinion about the practice and the team at Schöner Mund Alzey.
    From the very beginning it was very pleasant in the large practice, everyone at the reception was very friendly and accommodating, including my treating doctor, Dr. Bohnke was just very professional from the first to the last session, explained everything so that I could understand it and I am happy with the work that Dr. Bohneke did.
    9:30 a.m. 9 teeth pulled, now 1:20 p.m. no pain, although the injections no longer work… PERFECT JOB Doctor
    I never had the feeling that I was second choice as a statutory health insurance patient, no, I waited for at least 15 minutes and will be there again in January, which I’m already looking forward to.

    Thank you for this great work… a Merry Christmas to the entire *DEIN DENTAL* team… happiness and health in the new year 2024

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