Dentaloft | Dental office in Frankfurt
Kaiserstraße 14, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Rating: 4.9
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Dentaloft | Dental office in Frankfurt”
  1. Went for a dental cleaning, which was done in circa 45minutes. In the invoice I see extended consultations, phone consultations and other services that were never provided.
    Before that had a good impression – quick booking, speaking English, minimal bs approach.

  2. Takes enough time. Came because of wisdom tooth pain and was given very good advice. My decision was also responded to with understanding.

  3. When I first came into contact with Dr. Schütte came to Kaiserplatz and his team made a very good first impression. I was taken care of and I was given an appointment promptly.
    This first impression was made during my appointment with Dr. Just pour confirmed! I got into the treatment room without a long wait and was advised and cared for to my complete satisfaction. I have already visited a number of dentists due to certain pre-existing conditions and an associated dislike of dentists. Dr. Schütte made a very empathetic and technically competent impression on me, so I had a good feeling with him. The feeling was also confirmed at subsequent appointments and enthusiasm for his care increased.
    I’ll just go to Dr. go to chute.

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