Dentist Dr. Siuosh Rassaf
Blauenstraße 10, 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Rating: 4.9
Rated count: 107

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Dentist Dr. Siuosh Rassaf”
  1. Highly recommend them.
    The clinic is super clean, the stuff is super helpful and nice and the dr is really really good.

    Another good thing thing is that they know how to handle kids very well. They gave advice how to deal with my kids in order not to fear visiting them.

    I visited them on emergency when daughter fell in her Kindergarten, they gave me an appointment immediately and very good examination.

    The most important thing for me they speak fluent English (all the stuff) as my German is not good yet.

    Our experience is good whenever we visit them.

  2. no public insurance. new patient.
    I arrived mins before the appointment time (the time they responded down there was the time I handed in the filled forms that new patients need to fill out), waited for around 30min., then had the professional cleaning for 30min., then kept on waiting for another 30min., then 3 min. check of teeth by the dentist, detecting whether there’s cavity with bare eyes (no x-rays), then I get charged with 229 euro.

    sum: cost too much time on waiting and money.

    the professional cleaning specialist was friendly and really great at what she’s doing though. (all the stars are for her)

  3. The best thing that can happen to you as a patient!
    Consistently friendly practice staff, from reception to the doctors, in a pleasant atmosphere!
    Dr. Rassaf knows what he is doing and it shows. He explains patiently and calmly answers any questions that arise during the treatment.
    I got a complete upper jaw prosthesis, telescopic work.

  4. I actually wanted a consultation today, but then decided to have 3 “black triangles” that were bothersome to me closed straight away after I had gum inflammation. I am more than happy with the result and would recommend it to anyone.
    In addition, there is an extremely short waiting time and competent advice.

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