Erlebnispfad Brunstal
Unnamed Road, 99947 Mülverstedt, Germany
Rating: 4.8
Rated count: 9

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Erlebnispfad Brunstal”
  1. A very nice little hiking tour with sayings and verses to think about, lots of places to linger on walkable ground. Highly recommended, also with a starting and finishing point at the fox farm. Suitable for all walkers and hiking enthusiasts…also possible by bike. Several adjacent paths invite you to extend. The weather was perfect today, gladly again.

  2. Pure nature. The sound of the forest and nature, fresh, clean air, well-being. This is what the experience path offers. Widely diversified, with many stages to discover and enjoy, this path stretches for all generations. There are discovery and adventure trails but also quiet and remote paths. If you want to switch off, this is the right place.

  3. Beautiful hiking trail or adventure trail. There is always something to discover, like this fountain. Then a “light barrier”. You just have to walk through nature with your eyes open. The paths are beautifully laid out.

  4. Surprising, beautiful and educational in a special way. Beautiful nature on good paths, easy to complete even with a dog or a walking aid. We will be back! Thank you for these experiences.

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