Fairum Knife
Klingenstraße 22 letzter Hinterhof, 04229 Leipzig, Germany
Rating: 4.3
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Fairum Knife”
  1. Best knives one can get. Fair traded traditional handcraft, but made for everyday life. I don’t want to use any other knive anymore. If you love cooking you will enjoy them so much and if you don’t like cooking you will start loving it with those knives.

  2. I bought two knives at a stand in Leipzig. The knives are great. Precisely because they are not stainless, they can be sharpened incredibly sharply. It’s just fun. They are unique pieces.

  3. I purchased a knife from the vendor at the 2022 Christmas market. Carbon steel, quite sharp. However, it is very questionable from a food perspective. Many acidic products (e.g. horseradish) dissolve the steel, creating metallic-smelling, gray residues on the blade. Not recommended. I see it critically!

  4. We bought the small Tad Khing knives at a medieval Christmas market in Pforzheim in 2019. Now it’s 2022 and the little all-rounders have replaced all of our knives. We have now ordered two more Phak Laem for the larger groceries.

    I have only sharpened the knives twice in all this time. But they weren’t dull either. The blades keep their sharpness very well. In a moment of thoughtlessness, my wife cut her thumb in half and it went like butter. And that was before sharpening.

    Highly recommended, these fine blades. Very high quality. We don’t go easy on the knives either, we haven’t even treated them with camellia seed oil yet, and they still look wonderful. But we have now ordered oil for care so that we can enjoy the knives for a long time. And if they do break, we will order from Mr. Burkhardt again.

    Thank you!

  5. I have the Phak Glom, variant 2.
    Cut bread, goodbye to crumbs!
    Goes through like butter!
    My old bread knife can go.
    Any film rust that may occur can be effectively prevented using maintenance oil.

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