Five Guys Frankfurt Zeil
Zeil 127, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Rating: 4
Rated count: 8445

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Five Guys Frankfurt Zeil”
  1. A typical greasy spoon burger joint in the American style known for fresh cut French fries served in enormous portions.

    This location is on point to the Brand with Marketing and presentation of the fare. One should expect to pay a premium at a this particular location due to its geographical location.

    A foursome can easily drop over 100€ on a modest meal. As a sometimes treat and an experience Five Guys is nice, but for sustainable and cost appropriate dinner visit one of the local German restaurants. If a burger is what your heart truly desires, take a short walk to Hüftgold. The food is on par if not better and the prices are much more reasonable!

    McDonalds is a more cost effective fast food option.

  2. Burgers are definitely overpriced, and nothing special.

    Their fries, I like.
    They use peanut oil to fry potatoes so very nutty. I heard they even double fry the fries. This time I tried cajun fries. It supposes to be spicy but it‘s more like ‘spicy black pepper’ taste.

    They always fill the paper bag with extra fries so, small size is perfect for 2 sharing.

    It’s not my favorite chain, but definitely will come back to here-

  3. Typical five guys restaurant with simple but great food. Can be very busy since it located at the center of frankfurt and near the metro station.

    Burgers are great, toppings as you like them and fries dipped in their mayo is mmmm…

    You can also help yourself to a tray of Monkey nuts which ate really fresh and tasty. (And how often do you get something for nothing?)

    Good service when i was there so no complaints.

    Give it a try, could soon be your favourite burger chain like me!

  4. So Amazing Burgers , amazing vibes … the food so much , had yummy cheesy Burgers.The unlimited drinks needs to pay one time . Free Peanuts and the quantity of French fries is very good . I really suggest this place .

  5. Disappointed by the far too expensive burgers!
    The staff was very nice, the fries nearly perfect and the peanuts a lovely, little treat.
    The burger tastes like a McDonalds burger brought to its maximum, but nothing more. The meat is literally the same as in any other (far cheaper) fast food chain – low quality, scaringly far away from real burger-patties. The bun is nothing special either.
    If the prices were comparable to those of other fast food chains it might be acceptable, but paying 20€ for a burger, fries and a drink is close to ridiculous. Think of all the actually good food you could get for that kind of money.

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