Fulda University of Applied Sciences
Leipziger Str. 123, 36037 Fulda, Germany
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5 thoughts on “Fulda University of Applied Sciences”
  1. Fulda University of Applied Sciences is located in the city of Fulda, within the Fulda district of Hesse, southwest Germany. Formerly known as Fulda University of Applied Sciences, it was founded as the fifth state University of Applied Sciences in Hesse in 1974.

    Fulda is a remote place. As an University Hochschule Fulda is really extraordinary and the study environment is really good. But in terms of job and accommodation Living in Fulda is bit tough nowadays.

  2. I came there to attend the German classes. The classes are fun and the lectures are very accommodating and understanding. Mensa or the canteen is the best part of it. Cheap food with delicious taste. I really enjoy my time there, despite the city’s being a little bit unfriendly for young souls.

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