Grafenwoehr Army Health Clinic
Bldg 475, 92655 Grafenwöhr, Germany
Rating: 1.9
Rated count: 36

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Grafenwoehr Army Health Clinic”
  1. I am penning this review after numerous unsuccessful attempts, spanning three months, to secure a dermatology appointment at our medical facility. Despite being a service member, I have faced continuous challenges with a system that should be designed to support my health needs effectively.

    Initially, I sought treatment for an stress-induced rash, for which the medics provided Hydrocortisone Cream. Regrettably, this treatment exacerbated the condition. My repeated efforts to see a dermatologist for a proper prescription have been met with the same response: the dermatologist is overbooked, and no alternative solutions are provided. Even after reaching out to a victim advocate, the lack of assistance is disheartening.

    The efficiency of medical services is paramount, and it is unacceptable for service members to face such barriers to critical care. The inability to make an appointment, especially when the medication required is known, reflects a systemic issue that needs immediate attention. It is imperative that the appointment scheduling system be reviewed and restructured to prioritize the well-being of service members, ensuring timely and appropriate medical attention.

    In conclusion, the current state of service at our medical facilities, particularly in dermatology, is not only disappointing but also detrimental to the health of those who serve. It is my hope that this feedback initiates the necessary reforms for improved healthcare access.

  2. Hours vary by departments and has changed recently, make sure to check websites. Since last year the whole Clinic is closed for training 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from 1200-1630. Pharmacy now closed for lunch on their website, last tickets pulled at 1130 and 1600.

    I’ve been to all MTFs where the wait times were 2-3hrs minimum, so for me this clinic exceeded average wait times when compared to back in the states. They are limited on what they can give and do since it’s only a clinic size. Plus, being overseas don’t expect to have all of the home comforts at something like you would get at a large MEDCEN.

  3. They refused to even try to schedule an appointment at the front desk. No helping, No answers, and no Treatment or even being able to see a provider or schedule it for a later time. Had to pay 800 Euros off Post for a simple screening.

  4. If you come here to use the pharmacy. Expect a wait of 1 – 1.5 hours. When you finally reach the window and are frustrated by that point, you’ll get trapped in a conversation for ten minutes. I have been here a few times and it is ridiculous. My recommendation is go to the Vilseck pharmacy. You’ll be in and out in 15 minutes. Recommendation for staff. Send staff to Vilseck pharmacy for training.

  5. This place is terrible I waited 2 hours to pick up prescription like what the heck plus staff for the most part not that friendly and wait times are horrible prepare to spend all day there waiting

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