Hof University of Applied Sciences
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1, 95028 Hof, Germany
Rating: 4.6
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Hof University of Applied Sciences”
  1. I’m so fed up with the IT infrastructure of this university. It is so hard to do anything online. It feels like you are still living in 2001.
    If you want to reset your password, then I wish good luck for you to visit the IT office, which, btw, opens only for 1 hour a day. If you want to make online payments, then feel sorry for yourself, as they don’t know what an online payment is. The only payment you can make online is semester fees. For all the other payments, you have to visit the university and pay with your student card, however, if you are living away from the Hof, then you don’t have any other option but to visit the university, and that too if luck is in your favor because the trains continuously go on strikes here.
    Irony is that this university offers Masters courses related to SOFTWARE ENGINEERING.
    Please take this as positive criticism and make better changes.

  2. Hof University is an exceptional institution that offers top-notch education and resources to its students. As a former student, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of teaching, the range of courses offered, and the campus facilities. The professors are knowledgeable and supportive, always willing to go the extra mile to help students achieve their goals. The campus is well-equipped with modern facilities that create a conducive learning environment. The administrative staff is also very helpful and efficient, making the overall experience at Hof University a pleasant one. I would highly recommend Hof University to anyone looking for a world-class education

  3. My elder son passed out masters in software development for industrial applications 9 years back. Now my second son has completed bachelor in computer science from Bengaluru India with 8.14 CGPA (German..1.93) wants to apply for summer 2024. He has 8 months of work experience. He will complete 12 months by February 2024. Can he apply?
    Thanks & regards

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