IKEA Brinkum
Henleinstraße 1a, 28816 Stuhr, Germany
Rating: 4.1
Rated count: 10342

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “IKEA Brinkum”
  1. Worst delivery experience in my life from ikea brinkum & Hermes delivery
    Not only is it a WEEK late and till now I haven’t received it, but everyday they send notifications that it should be arrived at that day so I stay home waiting for them, only for them to delay it again

  2. Friendly staff with more than the absolutely-necessary acknowledge. I could orientade very well (maybe because I had been there already) and with the map-signs every few meters even the short ways were easily findable. Only “negative” point: the (free) coffee was once a little more I guess. But however, refill is included 😉

  3. Strongly suggest avoid this shop. Frustrating support services incapable of admitting and mitigatind issues that they cause due to their lazynes and neglect.

    I have ordered a delivery. I called the support after the delivery deadline only to find out that Ikea failed to send the shipment and notify me about it.

    It is ok, if yo fail to do something and admit it. This Ikea failed to even admin it’s wrongdoing.

    No Ikea for me.

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