International Graduate Center
Langemarckstraße 113, 28199 Bremen, Germany
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  1. The International Graduate Center of the Hochschule Bremen offers many Master Programs for students that come from many academic backgrounds. I had picked the MES program because I would have to alternatively pay 7.500 euros in tuition fees at my local University of Thessaly and I would have to complete 3 Master Theses for the 3 semesters that the program in my local University would last. So, I had picked the MES program because the workload was more contemporary and not unreasonable. I am not making an assessment that the Master Programs at the IGC are too easy to complete. Most international students agree that they are hard to complete, but however intensive. The IGC Master Programs are very well structured in order to fit the needs of the students and the job market. The modules of the MES program are always updated with new information from the Market in the EU and globally. I graduated with Merritt and therefore I have the option to do a PhD at the University of Nikosia later on if I so choose. The MES program degree was recognised in my country and it counts as a degree along with my work experience and recognised retirement time since I pay Business and Retirement Tax every month. The EU legislation and ECTS credits system is the same in my country Greece too.

  2. I did my MA in EU Studies here thanks to Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. I assume IGC more than Faculty, with very professional staff and international studying environment. I would suggest it to everyone who are looking to study and learn abouth the application of that knowledge.

  3. As a International Master Student,You really enjoy your time here in IGC Bremen, as per my experience with IGC staff and MBA program in European Asian management, myself i learned innovative and up to date management skills which is required in our professional career, After finishing Your Degree, you will get a well reputed Master’s degree with very good Grade(Percentage)which helps you to find Internships, and this degree helps you entire your professional life.One final thing i would say to new comers,IGC helps you professionally(From Scratch to End like finding Apartments,Visa Issues ,Internships through career events and so on )
    Special Thanks to Dr.Mihaela Jucan(MBA E/A ,Management Co-Ordinator) for everything.

  4. This is a good place for international students to study Master programs. lecturer come from around the world and have practical experiences in the work life

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