Keramik Loft GmbH
12, Röpkestraße, 30173 Hannover, Germany
Rating: 4.8
Rated count: 65

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Keramik Loft GmbH”
  1. We were thrilled to see that keramik loft was selling the exact tiles we wanted to use for our bathroom renovation as they were nowhere else to be found. They have offered us a great service with quick and adequate response on all our inquiries and to a fair price. Recommendations from two Danish buyers💪🏻

  2. Great tile selection, advice and service. Unfortunately we were missing two tiles. We immediately received two sample tiles from the Ceramic Loft staff so we could finish the room. Really really nice service.

  3. We bought tiles as well as furniture and sanitary ware from Ceramic Loft. We particularly liked the large, modern selection and the good quality of the products. The advice and service were also really great. We definitely recommend the Ceramic Loft. Thanks again for your great support!

  4. In the loft on 2 levels you will find great, original tiles, tiles and more.
    The tiles look really unusual and not off the shelf. Anyone looking for special ceramics will find them here.
    In addition, you will not only receive timelessly beautiful tiles, but also top advice on the topics of tile and color selection, laying direction, joints and tile size and their effect on how they will be perceived in the bathroom.

  5. I had the pleasure of working with Keramik Loft GmbH and was impressed with their service. I wanted new tile for my kitchen and had a specific idea of ​​what I wanted. The team at Keramik Loft was very attentive and helped me find the perfect tile.

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