Krebs-Scan | Krebsfrüherkennung mit nur einem Bluttest | optimal-versichert + HanseMerkur
Henkestraße 91, 91052 Erlangen, Germany
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Krebs-Scan | Krebsfrüherkennung mit nur einem Bluttest | optimal-versichert + HanseMerkur”
  1. Since we have a family history, I decided to take out cancer scan insurance with HanseMerkur. The insurance is controversial, which I don’t agree with. If you find something, the insurance will accompany you. Best hospitals, single rooms and chief doctor treatment. If you forego a single room, you will receive a daily allowance. The insurance isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s worth it to me. I was able to access my test results on the portal today. Everything in the green area.

  2. The cancer scan is a real blessing for me. Although I am still very young, live healthily and exercise, I have still completed the cancer scan. The result of the blood analysis came very quickly and fortunately there were no abnormalities. The certainty that there is currently no noticeable cancer in my body is very reassuring. I can now look to the future in a much more relaxed manner. A big thank you to the entire cancer scan expert team and the really quick processing and great service.

  3. The cancer scan was a good experience for me. The employees were super helpful and everything went quickly and smoothly. I felt confident and the results came quickly. It was inconspicuous and that made me very relieved. I can therefore recommend the cancer scan with a clear conscience.

  4. I became aware of the cancer scan through a Google search and was impressed as I had been looking for such an option for a long time. Before I decided to take the test, I got advice about the Hanse Merkur cancer scan from optimal-insured, an independent insurance broker from Erlangen. The advice was extremely competent and informative. They took the time to answer all of my questions in detail. After the blood test, I received my results within a week – fortunately without any findings. A big thank you for the cancer scan and to the entire optimally insured team! I give it a full five stars for this great product and excellent service.

  5. I took the cancer scan test and am very satisfied. The people there were very friendly and everything was well organized. The test was easy and the result came quickly. Everything was fine and I’m happy about it. Would recommend it.

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