Lancaster University Leipzig
Nikolaistraße 10, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
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5 thoughts on “Lancaster University Leipzig”
  1. Lancaster University Leipzig is a great option for students seeking a high-quality education in Germany. As a branch campus of the UK-based Lancaster University, it offers programs in Business, Management, and Computer Science and more, taught entirely in English.
    The campus is modern and well-equipped, providing students with a comfortable learning environment. The faculty is composed of experienced and knowledgeable professors from around the world, who bring a wealth of expertise and diverse perspectives to the classroom.
    One of the unique features of Lancaster University Leipzig is its focus on practical, real-world learning. The university encourages students to engage in hands-on projects and internships, giving them valuable experience that can be applied in their future careers.
    Overall, Lancaster University Leipzig is a fantastic choice for students looking to study in Germany. With its strong academic programs, experienced faculty, and focus on practical learning, it is an excellent place to launch a successful career.

  2. I loved the location and the facilities. Programs offered at LULeipzig specifically chosen to meet the needs of the companies in town and the school’s connection with them assures smooth transition to work life upon graduation. Considering the living cost in Leipzig, tuition fees and the reputation of the school, career support for students and the alumni, I believe, LU Leipzig will be very popular in the near future.

  3. A modern campus, very well situated in the old town. The facilities are of the latest generation, good taste prevails and a warm, friendly atmosphere, far from the austerity of classical universities.The teachers and auxiliary staff are very close to the students, they all know each other and it seems like a big family. Congratulations! Dominique Murea – Premium Edu

  4. A compact, modern campus with extremely friendly support staff, a real effort made to welcome students, excellent careers work and generally a very high teaching standard. Efforts are consistently being made to better the student experience.

    Links to Lancaster University feel extremely tenuous – students here have no access to Lancaster hardship funding, societies, or support from a Student Union. LUMS students at Leipzig also have little to no access to LUMS facilities at Lancaster, such as LU Work In Progress, despite this having the ability, and funding, to send students on Leipzig visits.

    Opportunity to study abroad for 2nd year welcome, but also reciprocal for Lancaster based students.

    Paperwork on entry is unclear (with ‘scholarships’ being tuition fee discounts in reality), and this combined with the lack of full access to Lancaster resources can lead to a feeling of misselling.

    Overall, there is a feeling of being a lesser tier of Lancaster student than is suggested, with significantly less access than one would hope an offshoot campus would have.

    *edit – ‘little to’ added in para 2.

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