LVM Versicherung Blackert OHG – Versicherungsagentur
Katharinenstraße 15, 99817 Eisenach, Germany
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “LVM Versicherung Blackert OHG – Versicherungsagentur”
  1. He’s been a customer there since 2018 and is really very satisfied 🙂 everything is customized according to his own ideas, super fast service and without annoying “talking up” 🙂 very friendly team ☺️

  2. Finally arrived and received good advice. How long have I been looking for honest insurance experts and have only ever experienced incompetence: All questions are taken seriously here and individual solutions are also offered. In terms of price, I am up to date in every comparison and receive individual and needs-based care. In addition, you find time for each other in the office and are not required to conclude contracts under pressure from commission-oriented sales representatives. I like that.

    I can recommend a visit to the office with a clear conscience. Every contact person there is a solid handle. Thank you for your years of always satisfactory support. KEEP IT UP. 🙂

  3. Perfect all-round package. We have now taken out all of our insurance through the insurance agency. Very friendly and competent employees. In the event of damage, you will receive help quickly and easily. An insurance agency you can trust. We recommend.

  4. The service is very good. Very friendly, competent employees and professionals. Very customer friendly and fast service. You never have the feeling that a clock is ticking. The employees take a lot of time for the customers.

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