mba 116
Max-Brauer-Allee, 22765 Hamburg, Germany
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “mba 116”
  1. I can only agree with the good reviews. You are in good hands with mba 116 and will receive professional advice. I cannot understand the bad reviews about Ms. Runge. She takes her work very seriously and is very reliable.

  2. I must urgently warn against the horrendous services of the so-called “lawyer” Jana Karine Runge. From the moment I heard her name, I knew it was a mistake. Their incompetence is appalling and due to their incompetence I almost lost my freedom.

    You can safely forget about communicating with this person. If she answered at all, she only responded with jumbled chatter and half-sentences. She simply left my text messages, emails and calls unanswered. How are you ever supposed to gain the feeling of trust like that?

    When I made the mistake of entrusting her with my case, it was disastrous. Instead of delving into the matter, she simply reproduced untrue rumors. Her legal “knowledge” was a joke and I constantly had to correct her embarrassing mistakes. If I hadn’t released her, I would be behind bars now!

    Punctuality was also of absolutely no value to her. Appointments were canceled at the last minute or she simply didn’t show up. Instead, she probably spent the time drinking coffee. Her incompetence and unreliability brought me to the brink of despair.

    In conclusion, I can only say: Avoid Jana Karine Runge like the plague! She’s incompetent to the core and will only get you into trouble. I wouldn’t wish such a legal nightmare on anyone.

  3. There are obviously some AI-generated troll reviews being distributed here. Don’t worry: the lawyers at MBA116 are professionally experienced and are highly committed to their clients. You are in good hands here.

  4. I recently had the unfortunate pleasure of using the services of attorney Jana Karine Runge of the mba116 agency. Unfortunately my experience with her was very disappointing and left a bitter aftertaste.

    From the beginning, Ms. Jana Karine Runge showed little interest in my case. Her lack of attention and empathy became clear when she didn’t even bother to fully understand my concerns. She seemed only interested in my money and not my legal situation.

    Aside from their indifference, the quality of their legal advice was extremely questionable. Their advice was superficial, incomplete and often contradictory. It appeared that she did not invest enough time and energy in preparing my case, which resulted in inadequate results.

    Communication with Ms. Jana Karine Runge was difficult. She was difficult to reach and slow to respond to my calls and emails. When I finally received an answer, it was short and uninformative. There was definitely a lack of professional communication and clear updates about the progress of my case.

    Not only that, but their unreasonable billing policy was extremely disappointing. It charged excessive fees for its limited services without adequately justifying them. I got the impression that she only cared about my wallet and not my legal needs.

    All in all, I cannot recommend lawyer Jana Karine Runge from mba116. Your unprofessionalism, indifference, poor communication and excessive fees gave me a very frustrating and unpleasant experience. If you are looking for a qualified and dedicated attorney, I strongly advise you to seek help elsewhere.

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