MOiDA Korean Kitchen
Elsässerstrasse 126, 4056 Basel, Switzerland
Rating: 4.8
Rated count: 72

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “MOiDA Korean Kitchen”
  1. My friends and I had an unforgettable evening for my 50th birthday. Thanks also to you and your delicious food. And believe me, it is not so easy to satisfy the culinary tastes of 15 women 😜. You are super friendly and we love your Korean food 🫰🏻😊

  2. I have no idea why this shop gets good ratings. The people there are friendly, but I would describe the food as edible. I have tried Korean dishes in Korea and many European cities, in restaurants m, home cooked. The bibimbap they serve not among those I would want to order again. Very disappointing. (There’s nothing wrong with service or the ingredients, the flavour is just not there.)
    [Edit after response by restaurant: I have tried the same dish on site as well and was equally disappointed both by the flavour and the temperature of the dish. I appreciate the tip that their food may be healthier than that of other Korean restaurants. I can add that I am the kind of person that adds minimal salt, sugar, and certainly no artificial flavour enhancers in their own cooking. It may be that all the 30 or so Korean restaurants I have been to outside Korea (and the ones I visited in Seoul) all served dishes with MSG – I will freely admit I did not check whether this was the case, but they were all highly rated restaurants with quality ingredients and excellent food (including Bibimbap). Taste is of course subjective, but whatever the reason may be and despite possible health benefits, the food at MOiDA is simply too bland for my taste.]

  3. Great place, lovely staff. I love the fact, that they don’t use any taste enhancers (MSG). The meat and eggs they use comes from Switzerland.
    The tuna gimbap and japchae we tried were all very good. Definitely coming back again. Will try out the teokbokki next time.

  4. An small but amazing place to get delicious food! Staff is friendly and prices are great for the quality of the food.
    As I have dietary restrictions due to health, being able to get fresh food that I can actually eat and enjoy is priceles!

    It was so good that I almost forgot to take the picture.

    Please visit MOiDA! And get your meal sit by the river.

  5. I took away bibimbap and it was delicious! Well spiced and it was as it should be. The menu is simple and that means all is fresh. I will return to try other things. 👌😋

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