Neue Universität
Universitätsplatz 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany
Rating: 4.2
Rated count: 35

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Neue Universität”
  1. The New University is a fairly large and, contrary to expectations, very old building with an interesting tower in the inner courtyard. The inner courtyard has a small, nice park. I had to pick up someone who had an exam here, so I looked around the building and the courtyard, otherwise I would probably just walk past it. I don’t think it’s necessarily a tourist attraction, it’s just a university.

  2. Solid and safe building, in fairly good condition. Unfortunately, it used to be common practice for the projectors not to work, but perhaps that has changed in the meantime. Modern, open-to-interpretation art in the inner courtyard.

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