NYU Stern School of Business
44 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012, United States
Rating: 4.7
Rated count: 160

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “NYU Stern School of Business”
  1. Good professors and MBA program, but be careful in the area.

    My e scooter got stolen during daylight from NYU bike rack on campus right next to an entrance. They clipped both locks that I had put. My advice is to never arrive here with a bike worth more than 100usd and if possible just use a shared city bike and don’t own anything.

  2. . I graduated class of 1960. I was active on sports club and went to all basketball games. Even went to Charlotte for the round of 8 when they beat Duke and Virginia to go to final four. I am concerned about the fed actions to keep raising interest rates. It is similar to 1980. I graduated as a accou tant and became a cpa with interest in real estate. I forme a cpa practice in 1973. One day we purchased a hotel then another and soon had 6 hotels. One day we were offered a project to develop a 22 unit housing project in Boca Raton. Jimmy Carter was President. Interest rates then about 7% and soon rates began rising getting to 24% Sounds crazy but that is what happened. Need to curb inflation.lost a fortune on a sure bet.. same thing now. What the fed misses is that rising rates hurts small business, hurts housing and much more. Jobs are lost and just bad. Over the last few years business was thriving, Good paying jobs,lots of new construction and now it will stop. Someone needs to speak out and stop the fed or we will have a repeat as in 1980. I left the accounting business and began buying hotels that were foreclosed. All around NY and NJ etc..
    I am just concerned about what is going to happen now with rising rates caused by mistakes of the federal reserve. I am now 84 and have recently with fraternity set up scholarship fund at NYU. Great feeling to give back.

  3. Great MBA experience. Recommend full time program and taking advantage of all of the many opportunities for networking, building your skills, and opening doors to new paths. You can sleep after you get the degree…or more appropriately, after you retire from your chosen career. Be sure to take courses with Galloway, Buchanan, Gormley, Carr, Freeman and Damodaran!

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