Singh Restaurant am Park
Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade 55, 61348 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany
Rating: 4.7
Rated count: 177

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Singh Restaurant am Park”
  1. Super delicious! We went two nights in a row. The food was so good! Love the use of spices, every bite was a party of flavors in the mouth. The staff was very kind, friendly and gave lovely food tips. Next time we visit this place we’re definitely coming back to this restaurant!

  2. Meal selection is good. food is very tasty. The service is Very slow. Our dinner order took over an hour to be served. We ordered no appetizers, just main meal. Expect long, very long wait when dining here. We asked waiter after 1 hour how much longer to wait for meal, he answered 5 minutes…still waiting.

  3. Authentic Indian food is served in this restaurant. If someone wants to try the real taste of India, this restaurant is a best match. Ambience is top and staff is friendly. Chef Satveer of this Restaurant is very well trained and experienced chef.

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