Sonja Schneider dental office Erlangen
Hauptstraße 91, 91054 Erlangen, Germany
Rating: 4.8
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Sonja Schneider dental office Erlangen”
  1. It was the worst experience in Germany with the doctor. Common teeth cleaning cost me nearly 500 euro and she gave me the bill more than one month later, so that I did not have time to argue with her (because I need to leave Germany and I told her the time). I can not speak German, but when I come to her, I emphasized many many times that I only wanted common teeth clean, which was covered by the insurance. However, she did some more than the cleaning, but also Teeth whitening without my consent, which the insurance did not refund the money!!! So I do not recommend this doctor. Or think about if you will like me to pay 500 euros just for cleaning teeth or not?

    More, on 27th of March 2023, I received an email from Google saying that someone complained that my review was infringing. I have already replied to Google, and I have very good evidence to prove the fact of the review. I think that when you check the comments, you can also check the interval time between comments and the number of likes to make a better judgment.

  2. My wife Sheetal had been to Sonja Schneider dental office Erlangen as she was suffering from severe pain in her wisdom tooth area and she had an additional point that had to be considered that she is pregnant , and Dr. Sonja was so gentle and kind.
    She diagnosed her problem instantly and treated the issue with a lot of care and sensitivity . She followed up with us every single day post the treatment and also checked my wife on an emergency request on a holiday. She is completely healed and has absolutely no pain.
    I am so happy that we decided to go to Dr. Sonja for the treatment.
    She is a very knowledgeable, caring and empathetic doctor we have ever come across.
    Dr Sonja has also shared her experience and knowledge with us regarding certain other health issues which has been very beneficial for us. I feel we met Dr. Sonja at a very right time in our lives. A Big Thank you to you Dr. Sonja.
    We recommend this Dr. Sonja Schneider to everyone young and old – 100%!

  3. Miss Dr. Schneider finally put a smile on my face again.
    I am super satisfied with your work!
    I’m also really impressed by the ambience, everything is modern and you immediately feel at home!
    If I could give 10 stars I would!

  4. I was there for the first time today. Unfortunately, I was always plagued by fears when I went to the dentist. Since I suddenly had a severe toothache, I had to face my fears. I made an appointment immediately. Hardly had to wait. My gums were extremely inflamed and Ms. Schneider calmly explained to me how she was going to help me. She was very gentle, took it easy and took away a lot of my fear and shyness today. I am now pain-free again and am looking forward to the follow-up appointment! I am completely satisfied

  5. The practice is very nice, equipped with the latest equipment and very attractively designed. I was approached by Dr. Schneider-Greiner treated you, she was very gentle and professional, kept asking if you were okay and made sure you weren’t in any pain – perfect for any scaredy cat. It is also at the top in terms of aesthetics! My teeth look great now! I am thrilled and can recommend her to everyone.

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