Styles Hotel Frankfurt Airport
Isarstrasse 2, 65451 Kelsterbach, Germany
Rating: 3.9
Rated count: 346

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Styles Hotel Frankfurt Airport”
  1. Stayed here due to delayed flight with voucher for room, dinner and breakfast. Room is nice and modern, and bed very comfortable, along with temperature. Would stay here again due to the nice room. Buffet dinner, using voucher, was less than mediocre and unappealing (voucher says it’s worth 18 euros, each person, –no way!) that we paid to eat in the hotel’s good restaurant and liked what we had. Location is industrial with nothing interesting to do, at least in the evening. Takes 20-25 minutes to airport, with free shuttle that worked well.

  2. I had to stay there while Lufthansa cancelled my flight. I’d never stay there again. Sent the email below and haven’t heard back from them:

    “Hello Styles hotel team,

    I stayed at your hotel last night due to a flight cancellation as Lufthansa gave me a voucher for one night (room 301).
    While looking for the bathroom I opened one of the doors and stepped into another room with a single bed and a larger bathroom, so I thought it is a suite. I slept in one of the single beds in room 301 but used the larger bathroom in the neighbouring room.

    This morning I was shocked. I wanted to go to the bathroom and noticed that someone else stayed in that other room and some of my personal items were trashed (toothbrush etc). I figured that this was another room (326) and that connecting room was meant to be locked but it was not.

    I expressed my concern and frustration during check out and the employee did not show any understanding nor apologised but said these are 2 different rooms and I should have noticed that normally each room has only one bathroom so the second bathroom must have belonged to another room. She also said I could have called the reception last night to get the door locked. This was not acceptable and extremely disappointing. I was expecting a simple apology, and not being blamed. I understand due to unforeseen number of guests due to flight cancellations was difficult to manage on short notice. However, this does not explain why the connecting door is not locked either way. I did not personally choose this hotel and was very disappointed with the service and handling and will not choose this hotel next time. I wanted to raise this issue since it is very uncomfortable for anyone to have shared an open space with a stranger (I am sure the guest in the neighboring room did not like seeing a partially used room either). I do not wish anyone to loose their jobs but it seems the staff needs to pay more attention and should be retrained on customer-facing situations.”

  3. For a stay close to the airport, it will do. Bonus points if you want to find the worst hotel buffet dinner in the world! I thought I might have stumbled into the kid’s buffet area. Nope, that overcooked pasta and watery tomato sauce was meant for adults.

  4. Great budget hotel, rooms are very clean and staff are very friendly. Breakfast and dinner are delicious, very cute robot kitty comes to take your plates and over all would come again.

  5. Beds are not comfortable, only a blanket no bed sheet. The air doesn’t really cool down the room even at lower setting. The main restaurant is very good. Didn’t have the breakfast. Location is a ways out of Frankfurt main area which the cost to get into town is about 30€. Definitely close to the airport tho.

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