U.S. Army Health Clinic Vilseck
Südlager 301, 92249 Vilseck, Germany
Rating: 1.8
Rated count: 34

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “U.S. Army Health Clinic Vilseck”
  1. Great clinic with staff constantly providing care to the military community. Vilseck Health Clinic offers a variety of services for its size including PCMH, Physical Therapy, x-ray, lab, and behavioral health services all with dedicated employees and soldiers.

  2. I’ve been waiting an hour on hold and “all agents are busy with other callers” this is an every day experience. It’s ridiculous. Staffing? Is there one person in the call center? It sure feels like I can never schedule an appointment without physically going to the clinic. Please hire more staff and fix this.

  3. Terrible service here. I’ve gone to sick call maybe three times here and not one uniformed worker cared about my medical needs. The 2d Squadron staff are absolutely terrible. I felt like I was not taken serious and was an inconvenience. I’ve had a running fever for three days now and cannot swallow anything due to the pain in my throat and all I was told by the provider was to tough it out for the next week to 10 days. *Update* last night I had to go to the emergency room because my tonsils were so swollen my throat had about a half inch of a gap for air to go down. Luckily the staff at the AMBERG MEDICAL CENTER took me in and found out that I have a sever bacterial infection in my throat and as well as tonsillitis. I’ve been on antibiotics for about 24 hours now and feel much better and can drink and eat again to an extent. Can’t believe the Vilseck staff said to tough it out with ibuprofen and cough drops, the German staff couldn’t believe it either. Do they just hand out these health care provider positions?

  4. This health clinic SUCKS! Especially the staff of 2/2 they do not care about your well being. Trying to advocate for yourself is even harder when you have a “doctor” who over talks you with all these big words. I’ve been to the clinic twice this week just to get some type of help and they’ve failed each time. The way they treat their soldiers they’re going to have a huge liability in the future!

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