University of Europe for Applied Sciences (Campus Hamburg)
Museumstraße 39, 22765 Hamburg, Germany
Rating: 4.1
Rated count: 73

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “University of Europe for Applied Sciences (Campus Hamburg)”
  1. Beyond expectation, being with me from the beginning of the application to the arrival and start of classes, all-round and professional support, an excellent environment with a high standard, the quality level of the classes and the professor is really wonderful.

  2. College admission process was very smooth. Quite good experience with admission process with Miss. Samiksha. She helped me to go through the process very smoothly. Her support for international students is excellent and she is very approachable at any step.

  3. Admission process went very smooth and all thanks to student adviser Samiksha Shrivastava. Really grateful for the incredible support and guidance I’ve received and for helping me navigate my academic journey.
    The University is really great and the professors are really approachable for any queries. ??

  4. I suppose to start on March, I am really excited about that, yet the process has been a little stressful, I have been trying to talk to Sarayu Kulkarni from the visa department, yet is really stressing that she only ring me once or twice via WhatsApp without previous notice or texting me later to coordinate, she is only sending me emails that says that I never answer or that she can not hear me ( when she actually never call ) last week we agree to have a call on teams, where she suppose to send me the link, but she never did. I sent her two emails that Friday to remind her, but she never answered.
    I email her today copying one colleague, and she only replied that she call me (when she didn’t) I mean she only write me to say excuses and not to find solutions, I am the one who proposed to have the teams call. Yet this never happened.

    I thought that as a private university, you would be interested in your students, but it only seems she is trying to skip my calls

    My concern is, does she even really work there? Is there someone who can really show commitment and not excuses.

    Is this university committed and professional? Is it worth it that I leave my country when I see such an irresponsible institution? This is not an easy change.and with such an incopency, it really makes me feel so insecure about my decision instead of being more excited.

    Another big concern, why is it that they always call from such random phone numbers, and none of them is from Germany, is this a potential scam?

  5. The support for international students is excellent and everyone involved is very hardworking.
    Especially my advisor Rumesh who helped me to go through the process smoothly.

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