University of Maryland Global Campus
1616 McCormick Dr, Largo, MD 20774, United States
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  1. University of Maryland Global Campus was my second chance at getting my Bachelor’s degree. There were many late nights, weekends writing papers at my daughter’s swim meets, and conducting research. I worked full time and squeezed in classes whenever I could. I finally graduated with a 3.6 and a Bachelor’s degree. Thank you UMUC for providing the right platform for a parent like me.

  2. Where do I begin? I was very excited about starting my program at UMUC. A few years ago, when I was a Medical Center Manager, I sponsored a workshop at my center. I reached out to UMUC to have representatives come out to encourage staff to further their education. I was impressed and kept in mind, when I decided to return to school, I would attend UMUC. The fact that they catered to veterans and have online courses was a HUGE plus. Fast forward three years later. I complete an application. I wanted to attend the October session. In short, no one reached out to me for next steps, I had to call. The young lady Keshia in admissions, was very short, curt even, and didn’t seem interested in answering any questions. A few days later, after emailing Keshia with no response, I called back, the young man I spoke to was more helpful but did not follow-up with my Academic Credits Draft. I completed the survey and expressed my dissatisfaction. A “manager/lead” Christen Park said she wanted to reach out and see how she could make this right. I replied and stated I would love to speak with her because I really wanted to speak with someone. Another week goes by, NOTHING. I reach out to her, and the same young lady answers and says Ms. Park was not available and there was no way for me to leave a VM. At this point, I said I wanted to withdraw my application, at which she told me to send an email. I did. Two days later, on a Saturday, I receive a phone call from admissions for next steps. This school is a complete joke. I reached out to another school, they called me within 1 hour. And talked in length answering every single question. I will take my VA benefits to this institution. Cost more, but you get what you pay for. Signed a frustrated Veteran. NHS

    Update: if you are NOT affiliated with the military please choose another University. UMGC financial department has no interest in helping you unless your payment are guaranteed by VA. They put my son through the wringer, for 9 weeks…and STILL was not able to register for classes because financial support didn’t return calls or process all of the paperwork they requested from us. All because my son received a grant. What they didn’t realize was that he was also using VA funds to cover the remaining because his mom is a disabled veteran. I’m happy I was able to complete my degree here as well as my daughter but I wouldn’t recommend anyone choose this school.

  3. I rarely write reviews, but after seeing all the bad reviews I felt the need to share my experience for someone who may be torn in their decision to attend here. I have never had any problems like other students have shared. I have an issue with one professor, but I was able to express my concern with my success coach and she advised me on so many ways to address the issues I had. She did recommend going on rate a professor and that will give me a heads up. Maybe it depends on the major, but yes sometimes I do feel the coursework for some classes could be more cohesive. The classes I have already taken and are taking now are beneficial to me and my future because I purposely pick courses within my major that I have interest in and I know I can apply to my goals. My success coach fully understood this and now she only suggest courses she believes I will want from our previous discussions. She calls me every month to make sure I am ok, on track, and not experiencing anymore issues.

    I’ve never had issues with communication in financial aid. They always answer my questions and my money has always been distributed as it should. I gave 4 stars because I do feel some courses curriculum could be revised to be more cohesive with the readings and the assignments. No one wants to pay all this money for a class that is thrown together. I get it. Overall, the workload has been spaced out enough in my opinion and I have been fortunate to have professors that actually care. I was having health issues and one of my professors allowed me extra time and did not penalize me grade wise because we were in constant communication. I suggest giving an honest review and rather or not the Dean or whomever agrees or not, we will never know. I have been satisfied so far with my experience. Obviously, this is not a hands on university so, be mindful of that as well. That is the only thing I didn’t consider when I applied here.

  4. If I could apply this review with no stars I absolutely would. This is one of the worst schools to ever attend. The staff, The professors, and the Degree planning processing systems is by far the most confounding experience I have ever had. My academic advisor created a degree plan, and had no idea what they were doing. I would have been in school for a whole extra year, indebted over $5000 in courses I didn’t need had I continued to follow it. Even with online courses, which are supposed to be a means of convenience for those seeking higher education with additional overbearing responsibilities, there is no sense of direction, or aid. All of the professors I have had have fit within two categories: Either they don’t care at all or they are the most overbearing, micromanaging, unforgiving individuals to host an online course, and there’s no in-term reporting system to have this issue correct by university staff. You simply have to email and argue with stubborn, narcissistic, professors and risk grade depreciation for speaking up. It’s honestly baffling how dictorial most of these professors are, grading with deduction for the most minut “offense” such as: “You posted an initial discussion response two days before the deadline–minus 20 pts”. This is while, initially, giving course resources for the week that are riddled with typos, grammatically incorrect information, and gaps for what will actually be on quizzes and examinations.
    This school is so unprofessional. They even waived my High School transcripts never applying credits I obtained for general education requirements because they did not want to pay my county board of education FIVE DOLLARS to obtain the documents. I now have two semesters left where I have already completely paid for general education courses I never needed and I am just finding this out because when I initially asked why I was taking them again, I was informed that, “It’s just a requirement”. It’s ridiculous. Please, please, please never waste your hard earned money, or time on this school. You will be disappointed.

  5. You’ll be denied in-state tuition when your driver’s license, tax documentation and home is in Maryland but your vehicle was last registered in a different state.

    Academic advisor is clueless when you ask questions.

    Received an e-mail close to graduation about an alumni scholarship to start Master’s program and that some of my credits could transfer to speed up my time, ALL LIES! Run from this university. DO NOT ENROLL. You have been warned. Don’t be fool.

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