University of Maryland Global Campus
3501 University Blvd E, Adelphi, MD 20783, United States
Rating: 2.4
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “University of Maryland Global Campus”
  1. I’ve been thinking about going back to school, and this online college was one of my choices. I spoke with an admissions rep once. She was supposed to get some information and call me back. I never heard from her so I called them. I ended up speaking with another admissions rep. She was really nice, however, as Enrollment started to approach, you would think that she was going to reach back out,classes starts Feb 14, today is Feb 10. She never called back to advise of the next steps and made sure I had everything to start but I never heard from her again. Smh, I went with another popular online college. The admissions rep is very much involved..

  2. I can only speak from my personal experience, but I would highly recommend this university, especially for current military members. The support I’ve received during my 3 international Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves has been exceptional. The seamless transition between advisers from one base to the next has been a significant advantage. Lastly, their online classes are well-structured and ideal for those with hectic schedules. 10/10!

  3. Originally accepted and offered financial aid — they then snatched my financial aid for a legal name change and spend and obscene amount of money to make sure they received official transcripts. Unorganized and would recommend to anyone; predatory lending practices and they have kids handling impertinent information hence the unorganization

  4. If I could leave a lower star review I would. This college is ridiculous. I recently applied back in 2021 if I remember correctly but ended up going through a community college for my associates. Fast forward to june of 2023, I had reapplied and it said I had already had an account open with them and that I could jump into classes right away. Six months later to current day I get a random email stating I owe $50 for admission fees, yet the college is advertising on social media such as instagram that there is a $0 admission fee going on. They filed an inquiry and stated “I do not qualify for a waived fee” This college has lacked reaching out, maki things user friendly and not to mention active duty friendly. If you are active duty or anyone in general I would steer far away from this college and don’t waist your time applying. I simply would recommend Southern New Hampshire as they not only took almost DOUBLE the credits compared to this college not even giving me an associates worth of credits. Along with the lack of support to active duty and making things easy. Shout of to Southern New Hampshire for all their support and monthly check ins to make sure I am doing well!

  5. If you take any courses that require use of the virtual lab, expect to receive zero technical support. I was enrolled in INFA 630 and my lab was set up for a completely different course, CBR 600. Notified tech support of the problem and their response was like what problem? I contacted support again after the lab didn’t behave as expected during an assignment. Well, the course ended last week and still no reply.

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