University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742, United States
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5 thoughts on “University of Maryland”
  1. This uni is not bike friendly at all! The large campus doesn’t have infrastructure or design to keep bikers, skaters or commuters who scooter safe. You basically need a car to navigate around campus.

    The UMD health center physicians say that the #1 reason students and patients visit for injuries is campus bike, scooter, and skateboard related.

    More recently signs and street symbols have been posted to inform drivers that they must share the road with these types of travelers, but there are not individual lanes or pathways physically protecting these commuters.

    The same goes for all of College Park. It is a bit sad since PG county is one of the top 5 wealthiest counties in the Nation and PG county and UMD don’t show action to on improving and promoting sustainable and more inclusive ways of commuting.

  2. Beautiful campus off a not-so scenic main thoroughfare (Baltimore Avenue). I attended for one short semester and it was nice to return and see all the progress and development that has occurred over the years. Numerous new buildings including campus dining and resident halls. The campus tour we attended for my child was long, and they still have covid protocols required for visitors, which is a bit bizarre, but not entirely surprising, since the State of Maryland always thinks it’s on the cutting edge of progress. Also surprised how dead it was on homecoming weekend, and the students we did see wandering on campus do not wear their Maryland colors. A bit disappointing.

  3. I worked at UM for many years. I see so many changes–new student housing, new hotel, new buildings. What else is new? They are building the purple metrorail. You see construction occurring in middle of campus. The metro will take you into Washington DC and Virginia.

    On the metrorail map, I have labeled the states (MD for “Maryland and VA for “Virginia”). Washington DC is in the middle of the map. Currently, there is a College Park metrorail on the Green Line
    off-campus. It is about 5 minutes from campus.

    What is it like at this university? The university definitely has a diverse population. There are a lot of places to eat and things to do whether it is movies, concerts, or recreation.

    The Eppley Recreation Center is huge. There is swimming, gym, aerobics, etc. You can Google it. There are also trails surrounding the campus. Check out article from The Diamondback college newspaper) entitled, “For Your Walking Pleasure:Here are the Best Trails in College Park”. I believe, one of the trails will take you into DC.

    If you are looking for a campus that offers a little bit of everything, this is the campus to go.

  4. Really nice room. All the lights had mood settings and automation. The scenery was very modern and clean. The bathroom was nice and it had some amazing views very comfortable hotel would definitely visit again.

    My only recommendation would be maybe having some kind of microwave or something available in the room.
    However I might end up upgrading to an executive suite next time just to have a dedicated kitchen.

  5. Great community tailgating. Everyone is so friendly. Being from out of state, they have a grocery store, food lion, that drives around a good cart with supplies of all the things that people forget.

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