VGH Versicherungen: Cornelia Albrecht
Heisterbergallee 99, 30453 Hannover, Germany
Rating: 3.8
Rated count: 37

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “VGH Versicherungen: Cornelia Albrecht”
  1. I’ve been there without an appointment to make a comparison for a property insurance. The person was unpleasant and only interested in getting my personal information. Sorry I had a very bad feeling.

  2. Ms. Albrecht advises with a lot of competence. Thanks to their advice, I was able to save a lot of money on car, liability, household contents and legal protection insurance and get the same or even better services.

  3. I am deeply disappointed with my experience, with VGH Insurance especially with Ms. Cornelia Allbrecht, my interaction was the worst I have ever experienced and that it’s not all. She may seem friendly as long as everything goes according to her plan but as soon as If things don’t go the way she wants, she becomes extremely unfriendly. This lack of customer focus is extremely unacceptable

  4. I wanted to receive a non-binding offer for partial comprehensive insurance. Afterwards I was simply shocked at the behavior towards people with a migration background.

    No problem, I’ll just look for another insurance company. 🙂

  5. Stay away from Ms. Albrecht!
    I called Ms. Albrecht because I wanted to know what would happen with the insurance after my father passed away. There wasn’t even any condolence from her. I just wanted to know, without obligation, what happens after death. Ms. Albrecht just said that we wouldn’t make any commitments and she simply ended the telephone conversation or hung up. Then I went to see her personally. There too she was unreasonable, absolutely aggressive and kicked me out and banned me from the house. All efforts to de-escalate have failed. This is damaging to VGH’s business. I immediately called the VGH headquarters and explained the whole thing and received perfect advice. The sales manager at VGH was also very nice and helpful in helping me.

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