. Andreas Ph Sweet Berger – Dentist Darmstadt
Gabelsbergerstraße 5, 64297 Darmstadt, Germany
Rating: 4.3
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “. Andreas Ph Sweet Berger – Dentist Darmstadt”
  1. I can only warmly recommend the Süßenberg dental team in Darmstadt! After other doctors made my particular case worse, I finally found salvation with this fantastic team. Although the entire process was lengthy and required many meetings, the team always treated me professionally and kindly, making me always feel welcome.

    I was particularly impressed by the excellent advice I received here. The team took enough time to answer my questions and show me all possible options. This made me feel well informed and I was able to work with the doctors to find the best solution for my teeth.

    The work of the Süßenberg dental team is simply excellent. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, I now have beautiful teeth and I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am to the entire team.

    If you are looking for a competent dentist, you should definitely visit the Süßenberg dental team in Darmstadt. Here you will not only be treated professionally, but also warmly welcomed. I will definitely continue to use their services.

  2. I have already had several appointments in the practice, the team is very friendly and sensitive. The practice’s equipment makes a very modern impression to me.
    Mr. Süßenberger took a lot of time for me and my questions and explained to me about all the upcoming treatments. That was one of the reasons why I decided to become a patient at this practice.
    I am very satisfied with the results of the treatments.
    The waiting times are always short and you can easily plan your other appointments around the practice visit, unlike what you are used to with other doctors.
    Thank you very much, dear practice team!

  3. I have been regularly visiting the Süßenberger practice in Darmstadt-Eberstadt for many years and am still thrilled and absolutely satisfied. No matter what your concern – you will always be expected by an extremely friendly and extremely competent practice team. You feel cared for, the care during the treatment is very sensitive and the technology is state-of-the-art. Not to forget the professional and extremely knowledgeable expertise of the boss when things go beyond regular teeth cleaning.

  4. We have been patients in this practice for many years and travel from abroad. The doctor is a master of veneers and implants. He works in a relaxed manner and has a calming effect on the patient. Every step is explained and every move is correct, unnecessary stress or pain for the patient is avoided. The team is highly professional and very friendly, everyone works very carefully and spreads a good atmosphere. Never had longer waiting times, the appointments are well planned. The practice rooms are very nice and a relaxing video plays above the treatment chair, which is a good distraction from the treatment. If I could, I would give even more stars.

  5. I had my teeth whitened for 400. The result was barely visible and lasted about 3 months, even though I cared for it as instructed.
    Was later seen by another doctor and the result was much more visible and still holds.

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