Collies von Kotten’s Garden
Paitzdorfer Str. 26, 07580 Ronneburg, Germany
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Collies von Kotten’s Garden”
  1. I basically came across a young collie from KottensGarden the second way. I have found Mr. Kotte and his wife to be very friendly so far. They have shown me everything about raising them (which is not a given) and we have received lots of tips for a good start and can contact us at any time. My impression is very positive, E. is wonderfully socialized, open and curious. This was clearly cared for with love and expertise. Dear Kotte family, thank you very much for giving the puppies such a good start and thus laying the essential foundation. All the best to you and your future offspring!

  2. We received a very friendly and nice welcome from the Kotte family. Furthermore, the topic of collies was explained to us further with a lot of expertise and specialist knowledge. Excellent. The contact between them was also very great.
    This breeder is highly recommended. Everything is great, everything is fine.
    We have a lot of fun with the puppy.
    The breeder also worked a lot on getting used to the noise. ?

    All the best and many more happy hours as you continue to raise puppies.

    Best regards

  3. A really loving little kennel where everything runs within a manageable framework, just as you want it to for the well-being of the dogs. You could almost call it familial.
    So if you know that dogs or especially collies are simply good for the soul, you’ve come to the right place with the Kotte family!

  4. Well-deserved 5 stars for the great hobby breeding. We came across your farm by chance after many disappointments. We not only found our great Cira with you, but also good friends who support us with advice and support. Thank you for everything.

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