Dr. med. dent. Kai Zwanzig Praxis für Zahnheilkunde – Kompetenzzentrum Implantologie Bielefeld
Mauerstraße 8, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany
Rating: 3.8
Rated count: 47

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Dr. med. dent. Kai Zwanzig Praxis für Zahnheilkunde – Kompetenzzentrum Implantologie Bielefeld”
  1. It’s a shame that I cannot judge the competence as a dentist as I never went a second time. They gave me a very short explanation of what was going on and what they want to do. When asked about clarification, more detail, options – I got an unprofessional: “Well, you have x, what don’t you understand.” and was just starred at as if I was an idiot.
    I am writing this review now that I have found a dentist that actually communicates with you like a human to a human, and I realized how much better I was getting treated now.
    If you are looking to get information on your dental situation and you want to talk through the different options you have going forward, and leave with a feeling of having gotten healthcare – look elsewhere…

  2. Despite my fear of going to the dentist, I feel in great hands here.
    I am always satisfied with Dr Zwanzig’s work. The entire team is friendly, always helpful and in a good mood.

  3. Yesterday I was at DR.Zwanzig, I was born in Münster and he was my first point of contact. I had problems with my teeth for years and was always told off that an operation would cost me at least €3,500. Thanks to DR.Zwanzig I was able to leave the practice full of hope, he is committed to helping me solve my problems and didn’t want to take the money out of my pocket! Be it for wisdom teeth, which can be legally billed (which was not the case with some doctors) and also for jaw surgery (which would have cost me at least €3,500 in Münster), I thank you very much and look forward to having my wisdom teeth extracted and having my jaw broken 😀 Oh and just because someone is free doesn’t mean they can’t be a good person! Honesty lasts the longest, which is why I don’t understand the negative feedback here. Just don’t have an ego problem! 👍🏾

  4. This dental practice convinced me!

    I have only had bad experiences with my previous dentists. I’ve had various dentists tell me “fillings, crowns or implants can’t be made any better!”
    And that is absolutely not true!

    The opposite of these statements was given to me in practice by Dr. Twenty proven.

    He puts a lot of effort into every treatment to achieve the best possible results and they are really impressive. I didn’t realize that something like that was possible.
    His work is truly unique!
    I’m very satisfied. Thank you!

    In addition, I have never experienced such a friendly, organized and competent team.
    Appointments were always kept and you received a timely reminder via SMS.
    The waiting room is never overcrowded either. Top!

  5. Dr. Zwanzig and his team are 100% competent and honest.
    We drive 90km from Hamm to Bielefeld for the treatment.

    My wife and I are treated in a friendly and courteous manner. There are no long waiting times. The scheduling structure is outstanding compared to any other doctor I visit and is unique to my level of knowledge.
    The work that the team does with the teeth cleaning and Dr. Twenty of my fillings have been performed and are without exception great. There are and never have been any problems. The errors made by my previous dentist were replaced or corrected.
    As a patient you couldn’t ask for more!

    Some of the bad reviews here are incomprehensible to me. One gets the impression that many people seem to take sober honesty and openness personally, instead of being grateful that they are receiving professional advice and equally good treatment.

    Thanks for the good teeth!

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