Frankfurter Brett
Christian-Pleß-Straße 11, 63069 Offenbach am Main, Germany
Rating: 4.3
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Frankfurter Brett”
  1. Honest review here.
    Ordered a mono multi layered bamboo and got a bad batch (with some cracks).
    Given the price range, I did not hesitate to reach out to the customer service and I must say it was a really great one.
    In the end, got my board replaced for free with a new one without defaults. Thanks again Rafaella!

  2. The system itself is a great idea and very convenient. When you start to look at the more expensive types of wood then the price/quality ratio is rather below average. I ordered a Basic-L in Walnut and it’s ok but I expected a higher quality of wood for the price. Despite this, I always intended to buy a second to have a matching pair. They have been out of stock since November and in the meantime, replace that option with American Walnut which looks totally different. My first enquiry was dealt with professionally and I was assured they would be back in stock in December. Since then, they not longer reply. Is the American Walnut a replacement due to supply issues? Will the original wood ever come back in stock? Not the best experience so far to be honest. If you like the system, then sure, buy from Frankfurter Brett but stick with the cheaper wood options. If you want a quality piece of wood without the bracket system then there are better, cheaper alternatives.

  3. Frankfurter Brett’s customer service is fantastic. I got an email back within the hour. No robots , real people .I spoke with Julian who guided me through my purchase. The pricing was fair for the quality of the product. Shipping to the UK was also reasonable and very quick (3-5 days)
    I would highly recommend getting in contact If you have any questions.

  4. I bought from this company because of its outstanding quality a Christmas present for my daughter. Most everyday people would say it’s just a chopping board but it’s so much more it is a revolution. Pricing is very competitive and cheaper than most retailers. Very quick delivery when it arrived it was very well packaged and everything inside the box perfect I know my daughter will be using this for years to come. If you want something special and you love cooking look no further they will look after you completely.
    I am now looking at buying the system for myself now it’s a game changer

  5. Young company with a great concept…
    They had issues last year before Christmas, and I can confirm they learned from their mistake
    I ordered mine on Brett Friday 2020, received one week later only – in France
    Great offer and great product, already in place in the kitchen to improve our cooking experience

    Thanks a lot Team Frankfurter Brett from Toulouse

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