Humboldt University of Berlin
Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin, Germany
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5 thoughts on “Humboldt University of Berlin”
  1. Humboldt University of Berlin is a stimulating and welcoming place to learn. It’s filled with students and faculty from all over the world, and there’s always something to do on and off campus. The university is located in a vibrant part of Berlin, so you’re never far from the action.

  2. This place is the star of Duolingo language course! And I’m personally so glad that I see it just for this reason.
    The building itself is very monumental. The interesting thing that I hadn’t heard about before is the floor window through which you can see area of an old library.

  3. There’s always tables of used books for sale outside the building. The statues of the Humboldt brothers are stored indoor during the winter. Step inside the courtyard to view the statues of physicists Max Planck and Lise Meitner. Best location to connect to eduroam.

  4. One of the top universities in Europe, it has a great choice of studies, amazing campuses, and a highest level of education, rich history, modern approach, everything one could wish from a higher education institution, definitely the pinnacle of German education.

  5. Attended several Winter and Summer scchool courses here – enjoyed them immensely. Humboldt has a long and fascinating history. It has produced no less than 29 Nobel Prize winners in its time. It occupies a magnificent old palace on the Unter den Linden that I gather was onced owned by Frederick the Great’s brother.

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