IKEA Braunschweig
Hansestraße 27, 38112 Braunschweig, Germany
Rating: 4
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “IKEA Braunschweig”
  1. I don’t know what IKEA is doing, but their customer service, logical thinking and product quality is declining badly in recent years.

    The new madness is you can use the self service checkouts only if you’re downloading their APP!!! Why????
    I bought only 2 items and wanted to checkout quickly , paying with card and in front of the counters a lady stopped me and told: I can only use these counters if I have the IKEA app on my phone.

    In other countries in fairly recent shopping I could use these counters without any special restrictions or discriminating treatment.
    Why could a company force me to use their app / services / specialty,… if I want to pay quickly with my card?

  2. I went there today to give my purchase back and it wasn’t possible because they strike. Then we already wanna go out but they need to check if we have the receipt for all the items. Yes ofc i forgot receipt that i bought in the store and just had the online receipt for other things. We even didn’t get in the store just directly to the cashier but instead checking the CCTV , they even brought the Manager and at the end took back the items that i already purchased.
    What’s the logic that accused people to steal without even checking the proof. Yes with this strike thing really agree with other people that if you don’t like the job then please di something that doesn’t include unprofessionalism for customers.

  3. For those who like strikes: guys, change job! Why I need to go so far away to give my purchase back and hear “They strike”. You guys don’t like your job? Don’t work there 🤷🏼‍♀️

    There are tons of Cash desks working and nobody can give me a refund. What a horrible Service.

  4. Medium Prices. Good quality products long enough lasting. Attractive and easy to use products. Ikea Braunschweig has access through Tram and Bus. But one needs car to carry large items and travel comfortably.

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