International Management College
Alfred-Herrhausen-Allee 3-5, 65760 Eschborn, Germany
Rating: 4.8
Rated count: 33

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “International Management College”
  1. I immediately felt very comfortable at the college. The atmosphere is really familiar and I like the fact that students/teachers support and motivate each other’s to become the best version of oneself.

  2. I am very happy that I decided to study at IMC. The part-time studies can be managed very well thanks to the good organization. The professors are all very competent and nice. I was able to meet many interesting people and build a valuable network. Above all, the course is very practice-oriented and not too dry. I can definitely recommend studying at IMC.

  3. With the IMC I have found a well-organized master’s program for working people so that I can continue to combine my job and my studies.

    The lecturers are always open to questions and are also happy to have discussions after the lectures in order to deepen the professional exchange. The campus in the heart of Frankfurt offers a special atmosphere in bright and modern rooms. Around one weekend a month is definitely manageable alongside a full-time job and your private life is not neglected.

  4. Competent and extremely experienced lecturers. The concept of the IMC is much more condensed compared to other part-time study programs and ensures that the main topics are brought to the fore. Practice is constantly discussed and analyzed in the lecture – the theoretical basics are of course not neglected.
    For my part, I can give a clear recommendation.

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