kela – Keck & Lang GmbH
Nordring 1, 89558 Böhmenkirch, Germany
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “kela – Keck & Lang GmbH”
  1. I bought a Calido (4L). Immediately upon the first use, I found that food burned to the pan, despite following instructions exactly (low heat, not heating the empty pan, using plenty of oil). I cleaned it off after the pan had cooled completely, using only soapy water and a kela(!) non-abrasive sponge. The same happened the next two times I used it. Then I noticed that the enamel on the base of the pan was crackled and dull. I contacted customer service, and sent it back for inspection.

    After a few weeks, I received an email that they found nothing wrong with the pan, that I probably didn’t use it properly, and that the damage to the enamel was likely due to the use of abrasive cleaning products… I will just throw it out, and buy something else.

    TL;DR: Useless pan, no replacement, no refunds.

  2. Ordered the Salena bread bin with a bamboo lid and it was delivered very well packaged. I like the box, it stands stable on the worktop. Lid well made, no sharp edges. I didn’t use it as a cutting board, so I won’t ruin the great look. The box is completely sufficient for a large loaf of bread. I would buy again.

  3. Great glass containers with wooden lids. Exactly as described. Now I have a nice order on the pantry shelf. Fast delivery, packaged super shatterproof. I can recommend 👍🏽

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