The Eatery kitchen and bar.
Hugo-Eckener-Ring 15, 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Rating: 3.7
Rated count: 50

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “The Eatery kitchen and bar.”
  1. It might be just me, but I think this bar serves one of the best old fashioned cocktail. The service is quick and the food is decent. Look, people are saying that this place has issues; but this place opens until 11 pm. When your flight lands at 830 pm, there are only a few places open which are non fast food restos. This is it, and it’s pretty decent, and located wonderfully reachable from the terminal. And you get to sit down, have a nice drink and not worry.

  2. Food was great. Steak was very good and so were the spare-ribs. Service could have been more friendly though. They had no clue of my confirmed online reservation, when we arrived and the staff seemed to be stressed out by the fact we wanted a table at our booked time. The aperitif of the day on the house, told to be part of the online reservation, also never arrived.

  3. Food was great (quantity, taste, not boring), but I’ve had better service at a gas station. Wait staff was inexperienced, overwhelmed, and rude. Also incompetent (claimed they had no juices despite having a full bar). Had to wave and request everything (ordering drinks, removing empty glassware, spoon so I could eat my soup). And the waiter forgot to request my entree after I had finished my appetizer. I asked after waiting 45 min and seeing other tables get food they had ordered after me. Rather than apologize, he blamed it on me for ordering an appetizer. Manager gave me a free tomato juice for the inconvenience…so there’s that. The Hilton restaurant is 5 min away and consistently good, go there instead.

  4. We had dinner at the Eatery while staying at the Sheraton and we were pleasantly surprised. Most notably, the service was outstanding. The restaurant staff was very friendly, helpful and made us feel happy to be there. The food was southern US cuisine and very tasty, though the portions were a bit small. The ambiance was pleasant and relaxed, the drinks menu was extensive, and the cocktails perfectly made. The two of us had a cocktail and a main each, and at 85 Euros it wasn’t cheap but okay for a hotel restaurant. Given that there aren’t many (any?) more upscale restaurant in the area, we were very happy with this choice.

  5. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel, everything was great. the food, the cocktails and the service staff, even if you can see that it is stressful in the restaurant, many thanks to Ishak bochaar.., the waiter who served us was very personable, friendly and very helpful,
    I and my wife were convinced of him and very happy to serve us.

    Thank you for everything,
    we come back.

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