American Dental Association (ADA)
211 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, United States
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5 thoughts on “American Dental Association (ADA)”
  1. I wish the ADA would come up with better then what they have going for the dental crowns seeing as they been used for more than 4000 years also the first modern dental crown was created by Dr. Charles Land in 1903.They need to make sure the Dentist of America have morden items in the office Also mentally sane. ( the two teeth where not bothering me at all till they got worked on) I got my first crown little over two months ago and filling she had her assistant do most of the work for the crown while she drilled away. when she was done I told her my tooth was sharp on one side also filling irritated my tongue. she for whatever reason drilled where the areas where not bothering me. As I was checking out thats when I was informed that the office was going to be on vacation and if the crown broke to just deal with it. (sometimes they tell you go to this dentist office for emergencies or a number)When I went in for my permanent crown three weeks later. I informed them my mouth was still in a-lot of pain, I could not chew at all on that side of the mouth. She said it was normal my teeth could hurt for days, weeks or even months. First off thats crazy. month later I go somewhere else and informed my crown was not sized right also the tooth with the filling was filled to much and because of that my tooth was cracking and splitting apart. So now another crown. I don’t know why they are called permanent crown they don’t last forever. Also if they break coverage on it don’t last also. so when you need a new one because the old one didn’t last you have to pay up doesn’t make since they drill your tooth then basically put a band- Aid on it. Then bill you $$$$. Considering how much you pay the dentist they need to update everything and get out of the old times and join the modern world. The medical world made more progress then the dental world and its sad.

  2. Adding toxic poisonous fluorosilicic acid to the public water supply is one of the wrongest things I’ve seen in my life. Yet the American Dental Association remains the strongest supporter of community water fluoridation, a policy which is causing long term harm to the reputation of the dental profession.

    It doesn’t matter how many times propaganda such as “safe and effective” or “one of Ten Great Public Health Achievements” is said. Wrong is wrong.

    It doesn’t matter how many people acquiesce to a wrongdoing, be it 2 people or 200 million. Wrong is wrong.

    It doesn’t matter how many years a wrongdoing has been committed, be it 7 years, 70 years, or 700 years. Wrong is wrong.

    It doesn’t matter how diluted a wrongdoing is, be it 1 in a thousand, 1 in a million, 1 in a billion. Wrong is wrong.

    It doesn’t matter how many regulations and laws are enacted to legalize a wrongdoing. Wrong is wrong.

    It doesn’t matter how many organizations support a wrongdoing. Wrong is wrong.

    It doesn’t matter how much professional status is tied to a wrongdoing. Wrong is wrong.

    On behalf of the American public, I DO NOT CONSENT to community water fluoridation. No means no.

  3. Went to a lecture here, WorkingCat Inc covering Social Media and Internet Marketing. Really informative. Room was a little cold, and there was a shortage of power outlets, but the lecture was really in-depth and comprehensive.

  4. I’m sorry but it’s possibly the ugliest building in Streeterville. Complete eyesore. If you’re ever in an argument with someone who thinks that modern architecture is fascinating and forward thinking, this should be exhibit A in your rebuttal.

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